Essay about Parable of the Sadhu

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Journal Article Review #1: “Parable of the Sadhu”
Anh Nguyen
MGMT 4330

Journal Article Review #1: “Parable of the Sadhu”
This article review will contain a summary of the article, a listing of three discussion questions, and a response to each of the discussion questions.
Article Summary
Many years ago, the author and his friend joined in a climber group in which climbers came from different places in the world, gathering together to Nepal to walking through hundreds of village in Himalaya and climbing thousands of vertical feet. His group included a local leader Pasang, his friend Stephen, four New Zealand, two Swiss couples, and another Japanese hiking club. They started their journey in early morning before the ice
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The others tried to help the man to regain alive but then left him all alone there to fight for a way going down the village. The Japanese had the horse which could carry him down the slope but they did not do that. Pasang could ask porters to carry the sadhu but he resisted that idea for the fear that the porters would exhaust all their energy to rejoin the journey later. No one could tell whether the man was able to alive or not. Their different reaction to the sadhu implied the individual ethics acting for personal benefit. As the author mentioned, the group did not act as a group but as an individual without any leader’s clear instruction. The diversification in the group made it more complex and difficult to do it together. For the corporate ethics, there should be one to take the lead, give instruction, and support other work in order to minimize the ethical issue so that it could increase the corporate’s character.
Responsibility and influencing factors to solve corporate’s problem:
Everyone in the corporation is responsible for every action they make and should take blame for the problem they create during the work. Yet, it is important to understand the shared values between every employee in workplace to conduct a business ethics code in a corporation. The problem that the author’s group met during the trip was that they had no process to develop a consensus