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Paradise Lake Candlewood Lake is a place in this world where I feel free. It is a place where reality is non-existent and all that lives is perfection. Just imagine a quiet autumn evening, a soft wind caressing your neck. You gaze up at a towering tree, as it dispenses its leaves onto the earth below. Finally, you watch the sunset’s reflection on the water, as the daylight slowly begins to dim from the sky. This is where I grew up as a child, and I could not be more blessed. To enter the lake community, you took a drive through a small forest-like passage way. The colors of the flowers treat the eyes to the experience of a lifetime, as the weeping willows shield you from the world above. The crisp, fresh air nibbles at your skin, as the scent of a barbeque in the distance makes your stomach rumble. After a quick journey you arrive at hillside view over a looking the lake. The water is as still as a sleeping baby, except for the ripples that splash on shore. It is like the lake is owed an initial respect of silence to truly admire its beauty. If you take a listen, music of the birds are filling your ears. The hummingbirds in the sky chirp their treble melodies, as the woodpecker’s tree percussion keeps it all together. Squirrels are out and about looking for acorns the trees are nice enough to share. As you walk closer to the water, you see a rowboat docked up on the shore, and decide that a boat ride would be worth your time. Undoing the rope, you send the boat floating onto the water. The sky is now quite dark and there is newborn life around the lake area. A school of hundreds of fish pass the boat, never leaving each other’s side. In the surrounding woods, the wild wolves howl to you as if they were calling your name. The lake seems to go on forever, as you paddle toward a tiny island. The fog has just settled in on the horizon, and the sense of sight is no longer of use. When arriving at the island, you dock the boat, and step foot on shore. The gravelly sand massages your toes as