Paradise Lost In Frankenstein Essay

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What these quotes have revealed is the way Frankenstein and his monster see each other in relation to themselves. Frankenstein curses the day he created the creature who went on to destroy any chance of happiness. The monster shares a similar sentiment of Frankenstein, who created him in such a hideous form and would not complete his own version of happiness in creating a female monster. Through the use of biblical references, the two characters find commonality in at least one storyline, both view Frankenstein as a God to the monster’s Adam. However, Laura L. Knoppers argues in an article titled “Beyond Misprision,” that the creature better fits the character of Satan in Paradise Lost. The essay mentions that,
“As the Creature self-consciously
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As noted in the article however, this is exactly the effect, which is similar to how the story plays in Paradise Lost where the readers are led to sympathize with the devil.Tannenbaum argues, “At the end of the novel, Frankenstein’s self-delusion reveals him to be the victim of his own egoism, and thus he becomes more like Milton’s Satan than he himself realises”(105). This is important to understand when considering the identities of each of the characters to each other. We see that Frankenstein tried to make it so that he was more guiltless in all of this narrative. This is shown from the beginning where doesn’t take full responsibility of his interest in creating life, to now, where after all this time he still blames the creature for taking the actions against him. He believes he should be the hero of the story, just like how Satan was misjudged and wrongly kicked out of heaven. This insight again shows how if Frankenstein had made less of an effort to be a victim and more effort to connect with the monster they could have had a better situation. It also shines insight on how the monster must have thought of itself if Frankenstein kept playing as the victim and the monster was angry because he knew that wasn’t the