Paradise of the Blind Essay

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World literature two

Statement of intent

I plan to elaborate on the political aspects of Paradise of the Blind by writing a formal letter to the Vietnam government. The Vietnam government banned this book from the country because of the all encompassing political aspects included in the book. In the authors books all of the aspects of life are demonstrated and the total view was an unattractive image for the leaders. This book was banned because it went against what a government hopes to portray to their people. Duong Thu Huong worked for the Communist Youth Brigade at the age of 20 but was expelled from the communist party in 1989. She has been imprisoned numerous times for her outspoken support for human rights and
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As I read the book I soon realized what insight it would provide an understanding into the lifestyle of the older generations. It would allow the students of today to better understand their countries history and how it affected the people’s lives. The insight that the book provided Americans into Vietnam could also be mirrored by the Vietnamese and a new appreciation for their culture could arise. By allowing the people to see the conditions back then they will realize the full extent of the improvements made and understand their parents and grandparents went though. The food in the book allows for a better understanding of the situation. At each time in the characters life, depending on their financial situation, the food varied. The fact that there is an emphasis on food would be understood and relatable to the public. They have the ability to compare condition then and now creating a bond that comes from true understanding.Thought this book good traits, situations, and food are juxtaposed with bad and the influence that they had on their surroundings is something that can be learned from.

This book demonstrates a strong aspect of your culture in the submission of Que to her brother. When her brother told her to leave her husband she did even though she loved him. Her devotion to her brother demonstrates the characteristics of a good sister and later aunt. Que went to the tenement were her brother