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Paragraph 1 Cammy:
The Chernobyl plant was built in Ukraine. The plant was built In the city of Pripyat and was positioned nearby the houses of many workers and their families. Before the accident, it was barely getting started and consisted of four nuclear reactors. At the time of the accident, there were two nuclear reactors in construction. The plant was built near an artificial lake and was there for the purposes of cooling the reactors. Jenny:
The Chernobyl accidents effects when very severe for humans. The radiation affected the children. Many were born with birth­defects. Such as brain tumors and mutations to the body.
The radiation affected mobility and brain functioning. Even after 20 years the effects of the
Chernobyl accident are still there. Vanessa:

Operations in the reactor at Chernobyl resulted in a runaway power surge followed by steam and hydrogen explosions and fire in the reactor. The explosions forced radioactive material from the reactor core high into the atmosphere and across eastern and western Europe for at least 10 days.The earthquake and tsunami that struck the Fukushima Daiichi reactors resulted in the loss of electric power to the site.It also temporarily halted cooling the fuel in the reactor cores. There were explosions at three of the reactor buildings as a result of hydrogen expansion. Paragraph 2

During the process, they were having a test run of some sort. Reactor 4 was under test to see if the power supply was working in case of a power loss. The power fell too low allowing the concentration of Xenon­135 to rise. Where the workers went wrong was that they kept trying to test it and every test they did, more and more radiation would come off. In order to control the Xenon, the control rods were pulled out. Clearly pulling out the rods were a mistake because the bonds would mix, causing an explosion, in which it did. Jenny:

The radiation of the Chernobyl accident affected many animals. It created many mutation on animals. Such as the duck with four flippers and no wings. It created a sheep with 7 legs. The radiation also created mutations to reptilians. A sea creature like the eel now has rows of tiny teeth doing back into its mouth. The radiation caused snakes to have arms to walk on as well.
The Chernobyl accident is still affecting the environment today.
The uranium fuel overheated and partially melted. There were no releases of radiation into the atmosphere at the levels seen during the Chernobyl accident. In December 2011, the
Japanese government said the three damaged reactors had reached a “cold shutdown condition”. This indicated the coolant temperature had stabilized below the boiling point, further releasing radioactive material from the site had been stopped. At Chernobyl, the reactor exploded, leading to a fire that lasted several days. The less­intense explosions at
Fukushima Daiichi were from hydrogen that had built up inside the reactor buildings and did not involve the reactors themselves.
Paragraph 3:

Cammy: This is how the chernobyl plant is now, in current day. It’s abandoned and the places around it are too. The chernobyl plants ceiling are collapsed and charred. Inside of it is full of rocks and fallen roof. The schools and classrooms are all abandoned. As you can see in the top right hand picture, the walls are rusted, things fell on the floor and the lights are slowly breaking. Also, near the plant was a river. The picture shows another abandoned place, a ship. The ship is also rusted and just left there beside the lake.