What Is Long Arm Statue

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Bobbie York Introduction to paralegal Week 6 Team work 11-20-13

Long –arm statue is when a “person” which includes an individual, his executor, administrator, or other personal representative or a corporation, partnership, association or any other legal or commercial entity who is a non resident of the state of Ohio (law writer, Ohio laws and rules). In the state of Ohio the long-arm statue is when a court can exercise personal jurisdiction who acts directly or by an agent that causes an action to arise from a person (Lrcvaw.org). Basically anyone who comes from another state either by themselves or with an attorney can be in trouble and held by the courts under the long arm statue law. The long arms statue takes place when one of the following happens. Transacting any business in Ohio, contracting to supply services or goods in Ohio, causing tortuous injury by an act or omission in Ohio.
The structure of state court system is as follows.

Supreme courts
Appeals by right criminal, civil, and administrative agency. The Supreme Court is the highest in the courts and handles the highest crimes cases.
Exclusive appeal by permission criminal, civil, limited administrative agency, interlocutory appeals in criminal, civil, administrative agency.
Exclusive death penalty
Original proceeding application for writ.

Court of appeals (12 courts) 69 judges that sit in 3 judge panels.
The courts of appeals handle the same cases as the supreme courts and had the same amount of judges as the supreme courts.
Courts of commons pleas (88 courts) this court has Jury trials for most of their cases. These courts handle the following: 394 Judges
Tort, contract, real property (500- no max), administrative agency appeals, miscellaneous civil, exclusive, mental health, probate/estate.
Exclusive domestic relations
Felony, misdemeanors
Exclusive juvenile
Traffic/other violations (juveniles only)