Parallelism In Into The Wild

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“Into The Wild”
In April of 1992 a young man named Chris McCandless entered the wilderness of Alaska alone. Three years before McCandless wilderness act he decided to not attend college but to then to disappear from home to create a new life for himself. To seek the ultimate freedom to be one with nature. Avoid all contact of the world but only live solely of his own morals and rules. According to Jon Krakauer the author of the novel “Into The Wild” illustrates the extent McCandless had taken before adventuring off. To make sense of McCandless he investigated the people who encountered who him. Astonishing Krakauer demonstrates how McCandless story wasn’t so unique. So why would Krakauer write McCandless story?. Did he see himself in McCandless, or did he want to explain how unforgiving mother nature is, or
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Even though Krakauer doesn’t go into detail about his own father but admits having some kind of kinship facing this matter. “ But I believe we were similarly by the skewed relationship with our fathers. And I suspect we had similar intensity, a similar heedlessness, a similar agitation of the soul.”(159). This problematic influenced them both so deeply that it made it easier for him to feel with McCandless. Besides their father issue Krakauer also shared some kind of motivation. In other words they were different but still shared connected passion. Krakauer wanted to prove to everyone else well as McCandless wanted to prove to himself. Krakauer understood why McCandless did what he did cause like him he felt the same urge. “But the thought of returning to Boulder in defeat wasn’t very appealing, either.” (146). Like Krakauer McCandless wouldn’t give up on his Alaskan odyssey, “ if this adventure proves to be fatal and you don’t ever hear from me again, i want you to know…” (75). No matter what both men were motivated for the same love of the