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Captain John Smith and the other settlers tried to search for the survivors on Roanoke Island. When they first reached Roanoke Island, they had a conflict with the local people about the territories. Captain John Smith and his crew wanted to know what happened to the English settlers who arrived before they did. Furthermore, they wanted to get some advice from the survivors on how to protect themselves from harm and death. The new settlers had already read books about Roanoke Island and Virginia, but the books were written twenty-five years ago, so they were out of date. The new colonists needed new and updated information from the survivors.

Work Cited:
Stick, David. Roanoke Island: The Beginnings of English America. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina, 1984. Print.

Chapter 19 from Roanoke Island Even though the new settlers tried to find the lost colonists, they failed to find any evidence of the survivors and gave up. Several years later, historians began to write their opinions about the lost survivors and provided evidence to support their theories. First of all, an annalist provided an interesting theory as to why historians began to search the fate of the disappeared settlers. Historians began to publicize their speculations about the fate of the lost settlers. Even ordinary people wanted to find what happened to the disappeared colonists. Around 1829, the historians found an oak that had carved letters on it. The oak was dated back to the year that the lost settlers arrived at Roanoke Island. Around 1862, the Civil War soldiers found several places destroyed on the Roanoke Island. The damages that the soldiers found could be seen as a sign that previous soldiers were also trying to find treasure left behind by the old settlers. Another historian had a theory that those lost colonists might have moved and lived with surrounding Native Americans. The historians believed so because documents showed that many last names of uneducated Native Americans were similar to those of English settlers. This theory had been confirmed by evidence provided by later historians. At the 350th anniversary of Roanoke Island settlement, a famous author reenacted the story according to the history of Roanoke Island. The drama introduced a new theory that the colonists might have moved to Georgia. According to this new theory introduced by the drama,