Parent Involment in Schools Essay

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Melissa Camou

EDU 220

Parent Involvement

Research has proven that when parents are involved in their children’s education they tend do better in school than children whose parents aren’t involved.
In the following paragraph I will give some ideas on how teachers can involve parents more into the classroom.
Summer in Arizona, we all know it over a hundred degrees outside in August so what a better way to celebrate the new school year than with an ice cream party. The teacher can set out a couple flavors of ice cream and have parents volunteer to serve the ice cream. If the teacher wants to make the event even more meaningful he/she can have children graph their favorite ice-cream to see which ice-cream get the most votes. This activity can be very beneficial to non-English speaking children because it helps them get more verbally involved with the other children.
How about September? Well in September teachers can invite parents in to do a science activity with their child. One that comes to my mind is salad vinaigrette. Making a salad vinaigrette will help children in comparing and measuring which is an Arizona State Standard. Children and their parents can create the vinaigrette by measuring the correct amount of ingredient than have an awesome dressing to top a salad.
In October teachers can hold a fall parade for parents. Children can get creative before festival by making some homemade costumes out of pillowcases. Children can decorate their pillowcases to turn them into a costume. Parents will be at ah when they see their children marching with homemade costumes.
November is a great month to have parents come and join the class for a Thanksgiving lunch. This is also a great way to have teachers interact with the parents while eating a relaxing turkey and gravy lunch.
December would be ideal to have a cookie decorating get together with the parents. Teachers can have a newsletter go out to parents on items needed for cookie decorating function. Parents can spend quality time with their child while decorating cookies in the child’s classroom.
January can be ideal for a craft night where parents and students can come to school to make a craft together. There is a place here in Phoenix called “Treasures