Letter To First Footsteps Nursery

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Thank you for using First Footsteps nursery. We are continually looking to improve our service and would appreciate your feedback, therefore could you please complete the following questionnaire and return it to us via email or please bring it into nursery.
Thank you for your support
Jan Convery
How do the manager and staff make you feel welcome?
The manager an the staff welcome us in everytime we go there an when were leaving even if we walk pass. the staff an manager r lovely we have never had any problems with them.
How do the manager and staff support you and your child? both staff an manager support us by helping us if we need any adivce on things or we want help with i.e potty training, behavour, coming out of there shell if there to clingy.
How do the manager and staff involve you in your child’s development? the manager an staff tell us everything that he/she has done each day or everytime r children has done something new, even when we have parents evening they tell us loads of stuff of r childrens development an by showing there films that has been writting in an taken pictures.
How are you kept up to date with changes and new developments at the nursery? the Manager an staff tell us if there is any changes to anything at all or they give us letters as well to tell us everything on there, or even if we pass by then tell us of any changersx
Does your child enjoy their experience at First Footsteps? both of are children loved being there, they have been brilliant since they have been there plus they both have come out of there shell, sometime they talk to us about what they have done in the day or what has happened an when they done they have a smile on there faces.

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