Essay on Parental Qualities

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Joshua Grant
Michelle Draper
English 105
February 2, 2015
Learning Techniques
Fifty years ago the average family was structured with the wife staying at home to take care of raising the children, while the husband was the primary breadwinner. Although the methods of parenting have changed over the years, the qualities that make up good parenting remain the same. Without caring and self discipline parents lack the two most important qualities for raising a child.
It's a pretty well accepted fact that kids need to know that they are cared about to develop a good self image and to become psychologically stable . Children who grow up thinking that they are not loved are prone to rebellion, have trouble in school, and develop poor self images of themselves. In addition to development issues due to a overall lack of parental caring, parents that display a lack of care for their children consistently fail to produce kids that grow to be stable emotionally and financially. Instead, many children will attempt to fill the void of their parents love and care with other things that may or may not be healthy. One of my friends had a dad who couldn’t care less about him and tried to earn his father's love by excelling in school.
This may seem like a score for dad in using some twisted form of reverse psychology, but what came out of it was a socially awkward workaholic who was constantly chasing his father's approval. Grant 2

When it comes to self-discipline many would argue that it is not one of the two most important qualities a parent should possess. But how can a parents who does not possess selfcontrol instill this vital attribute into their children? If a child does not grow up learning selfcontrol he will grow up doing as he pleases. Instead of doing his homework he will play video games and instead of accepting being told that he cannot have a candy bar, he will…