Parenthood is to give up yourself Essay

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Parenthood is to give up yourself

Money provides power, freedom and choices for individuals who work hard, focus and spend almost all their time working and socializing with their business partners. Where and how they want to live is up to them if they have good financial resources. Aside from the cost of basic needs such as food and shelter, the amount of money that a person needs is determined by what kind of life they want to live. Very wealthy individuals can play by their own rules and not the rules of others; they can manipulate people, markets and governments to gain high profits and increase their status. On the other hand, money might be a nightmare for many children whose self-centered and neglectful parents just seek higher status and wealth. Material possessions such as an expensive house, a brand new automobile and a place on Forbes rich list are more important to them than childcare. Maybe their children are disappointed with them because they value wealth over wellbeing. Money and status are important to support a family but they should not be the highest priority. Prioritizing time to build a strong relationship with your kids will allow them to grow healthy and happy. Strong family support gives them better chances to thrive than others who are psychologically affected by their parents’ absence.
According to clinical and developmental psychologist Diana Baumrind, parenting styles can be divided into four groups. Authoritarian parents are those who control, and are over strict and unresponsive. In opposition, permissive parents are those who allow their child to do whatever they want. Authoritative parents are those who are firm, but warm at the same time. Finally, uninvolved parents are irresponsible and neglectful parents. They demand nothing because they do not care about their children. 1
Among the four styles, the uninvolved parenting style is the one, which leads children to feel overwhelmed, and it puts their well-being at risk by failing to give a proper example. This is the result of a lack of care and interest because everything unrelated to an uninvolved parent’s family is more important than the healthy development of their child.
When I became father, by “accident”, it took me one second to realize that my whole life was going to change instantly. Being a parent made me vulnerable and responsible in ways I had not been before. It has challenged me as never before and it took my time and attention away from other things, including myself. I always worked hard, both before and after my daughter was born, to provide a healthy life for her. This is still going on in the same way after 5 years.
However, some parents take too much time to realize their new responsibility to their kids. Some never realize this responsibility. It seems to me they are trapped in a materialistic, profit driven world of consumerism which wants them to remain in the capitalist market. My recommendation to them is to keep a Post-it on their laptop with two helpful reminders: the first one being; “If You Don’t Prioritize Your Life, Someone Else Will” by Mahatma Gandhi, and the second one being; “If you are constantly running, you are handing your child`s heart and time over to someone who does not know or care about your child as much as you do”2 by Dr. Kevin Leman. Think about it!
When a parent is handing their child over to anyone else, for example a daycare, they are missing many opportunities to “imprint positive values on your child`s character”3. A daycare provides a safe place to play and a good place for social interaction. It also provides a basis for education. However, daycare workers cannot do the most important: nurture a lifetime relationship between irresponsible parents and their children. Well, they might ask me why I drop my daughter off at the daycare all morning, and I might say, “I do the same as you but in a different way. I provide care before and after work as well as during the weekend. What