Parenting and Child Essay

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Team Douglas Petroskey The Importance of Positive Parenting
Positive parenting has a profound and sometimes influential role on juvenile delinquency. It doesn’t only affect the children of that era but can also disseminate through the generations to come. In order to understand positive parenting we must define both words. Positive means confident in opinion or assertion. Parenting means the methods techniques used or required in the raising of children. When the two are put together you get a confident method of raising children. The two words alone do not complete positive parenting; there are many other factors that bring good parenting to a whole. For example, parents need to get away from the paradigm shift and back to 'good ole' family values. A properly functioning family is defined as two parents, violence free in an openly communicating house hold. All these things play a major role in good parenting. 50 to 60% of marriages end within the first 15 years, teaching children that it is not till death do us part but that it is ok to get a divorce. 24 million children in the United States live without their biological father. Without teachings that are only provided by the father, this child is already being set up for failure. Most of the traits children use is learned from their parents, if a child is beat by their parents they are more likely to see violence as a way of resolving problems as adults. If a pattern of violent behavior is learned at a young age, it is hard to reverse. All of these statics and facts show a glimpse of just how much of a role parents have on their children. There is another handicap in single parent households, not to say that they cannot produce outstanding children, but the chances of that child being a delinquent goes up. In 2004, the bureau of justice stated that 72% of incarcerated juveniles came from single parent households. This shows just how important dual parenting is. The question is, what effect does good parenting have on juvenile delinquency. The answer is now clear, good parenting has a long lasting effect that is detrimental to the generations to come. It is as important as drinking water or remembering to eat food. With positive parenting we can not only change the direction of are youth but forever change the way are society works. The Question of whether “parents get it or not” is important but might not be as easy as yes or no but they need to understand how 'to get it'. It’s been proven in countless studies that parents who take an active role in their child’s lives give their children a much greater chance for success in the future. They get better grades in school and tend to stay out of trouble. Today children are under greater pressures in almost every aspect of their lives. Whether its guns, drugs, cyber bullying, making good grades or being socially acceptable, parents need to teach their kids how to deal with these issues and emotions. The only way to do that is to educate their children and have an active role in their lives. But most importantly parents need to know what these issues are and understand the laws associated with disciplining their kids. Children who have parents who have an active role in their child’s lives are much more likely to get better grades and stay out of trouble. Parents that have a role in their child’s education understand that their child needs standards to live up to. According to the Michigan Department of education “School age children spend 70% of their waking hours (including weekends and holidays) outside of school”. This means that its primarily the parents responsibility to make sure their child is doing the right thing. If parents are verifying that their child are doing homework or study the child has no choice but to live up to those standards. If the parents don’t play that role in their child’s lives someone else is going to teach their child for the 70% of their time outside of school and they might not