Parenting: Childhood and Household Essay

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oes the style of parenting affect the outcome of the child?

Parents today only want what is best for their children. Even if it is not made clear to the child, a parent’s intention is always centered on the wellbeing of the child. As the child grows older, parents begin to develop their own style of parenting. While every parent’s intentions are the same, the parenting style they develop can have a great impact on their child. Parents with a more controlling parenting style often raise children with less confidence in themselves, a fear to express their opinions, and slight social abnormalities, While parents with a more relaxed parenting style tend to encourage the development of these traits and the encourage their child to express themselves.

One difference noticed between these two parenting styles is how strictly the rules in the household are established. In a more controlling household, strict rules are set for their children to follow. Any misstep or minor infraction of the rules result in sever reaction from the parents, often resulting in harsh; verbal, physical, or emotional punishment. This can cause a child to develop a fear of making decisions in fear of the outcome if their decision turns out to be wrong. In a relaxed household the rules are still enforced, however, instead of every infraction being treated with such severity, each one is treated to the severity it deserves. The parents of a relaxed household encourage their children to make decisions and if the result turns out to be unfortunate, they expect their children to learn from their mistakes to prevent them from occurring in the future.

Another difference often observed between these two parenting styles is the way parents respond to their children voicing their opinions. In a controlling household a child is discouraged from voicing their opinions. The parents often try to push their own opinions and beliefs onto their children. According to Jane Doe (who comes from a controlling household) “it’s hard for me to voice my opinions because I was raised to keep them to myself.” In a relaxed household, however, a child is encouraged to voice their opinions in discussions. This causes the child to become more confident when expressing their opinions.

Another notable difference between a controlling household and relaxed household is the amount of freedom a child receives overall. In a controlling household a child is often restricted from going out to social events that the parents are unable to attend…