Essay on parenting doesn't matter: trust vs. mistrust

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It is important for a child to establish a relationship based on trust because children need someone or something to look up to. A child at the age zero to five infants start to develop feelings of trust if their physical requirements are met and their interactions with the things around them are positive. Those development of feelings doesn’t mean they rely on parents. The child could grow an attachment to a certain object. The child can also depend on another figure. It depends on the child because the child is the one to grow the attachment and have the feeling of trust. For example, A child can grow a bond with a doll instead of a parent or something with life.

In contrast, inconsistent care and not pleasurable interactions with others can lead to mistrust and leave an infant unable to meet the requirements for the next step of development. A child can grow up fearing trust and end up being afraid to grow a bond with anyone or anything. A child doesn’t need to depend on someone for help all the time. The child can learn to provide for himself but at the age 0-5, some help would be acquired.

A child doesn’t need parents or trust to survive. The child can live a life of mistrust and be alone but still get through in life. It all depends on the child. He/she can grow up to be a normal kid with a successful life even though he/she has trust issues. He/she could grow up and have a bad life and have trust issues or not. The child needs to feel safe and satisfied with…