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I got the chance to take home the RealCare baby and experience it for the whole weekend. When I took it home I wasn't really nervous about it and thought I would do pretty good because I have cared for a real life baby so many times. So therefore I thought it would be really easy for me and just more of a pain than anything. Also I didn't like the fact that I had to give up basically my whole weekend to look after a fake baby because its hard to do stuff when you have to carry one around.

Prior and during this experience I learned that Parents need to acquire lots of skills to be able to raise a baby effectively. First of all, you have to have a lot of patience to raise anything. Simply because you are on the baby's schedule and its not the other way around. You will become frustrated often, especially when you don't know exactly why the baby is crying, and this is when patients come in. You also need to be unselfish because your life should no longer revolve around you, but rather your baby. You should give it anything it wants and needs, even if that means sacrificing some things for you. Communication Skills are also very important because parents teach the child how to understand themself and the world around them. Also, a parent will need to learn the art of multitasking, because parents will have to play many roles from doctor to manager to life coach to teacher. Because all these things make a parent and so much more.

Parents also need to have a positive attitude when it come to parenting. The attitude of a parent can greatly affect the child. When parents parent with a positive attitude they are teaching their children to live with a positive attitude.

Before this baby I had my