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Review Questions

Explain the different forms of child abuse? Include Shaken Baby Syndrome in your response.
The different forms of child abuse are physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and shaken baby syndrome. Physical abuse is any form of hitting or touching the child that causes harm. Emotional abuse is talking down to a child and making them feel worthless or stupid. Sexual abuse is touching a child inappropately in anyway. Neglect is starving children of their basic needs. Shaken Baby Syndrome is a form physical child abuse which is usual with very small or young infants and it involves the child being shake very dramtically. This can cause fractured or broken ones, internal organ injuries, and brain damage.
What types of physical care must a parent provide an infant child?
Physical care that a parent must provide an infant child would be feeding, changing diapes, bathing, keeping the infant warm, burping, providing safe transport, keeping a safe house, and putting the baby to sleep.
What are some strategies for helping a child cope with stress?
Strategies for helping a child cope with stress would be parents can enourage open communication and listening, help their children solve problems, learning what tends to create stress, helping navigate stressful situations, creating a home enviroment that is free of hostility and violence, and avoid taking out your frustration on your children.
Critical Thinking Questions

What is the difference between a protective environment and a nurturing environment?
The difference between protective enviroment and a nurturing enviroment is that a nurturing enviroment is a combination of protective parenting and giving a child his/hers physiological, emotional, and esteem needs. A protective enviroment is an enviroment that is free or semi-free of violence and abuse.
How do children’s needs change as they grow through development stages from infancy to teen years? How do special needs children differ?
When a child is an infant they are completely dependant on their parents with everything they need, but as