Parenting Style Essay

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The parenting style I would most likely be is a mix of Permissive, and Authoritative. I would be permissive for multiple reasons including the fact that I want my child to be allowed to do things. A child only has ONE child hood they should be allowed to live it. Being a permissive parent does not mean that you don’t take part in your Childs life or that you show low affection and care for them. It means that you actually let your child do things. I mean I’m also Authoritative because there is a limit to things I’d let my child do. Basically the decisions would be made based on their maturity levels and their age. For example, this year, my senior year I am not allowed to go to prom, because I didn’t clean the basement. They also never let me go to Homecoming, nor did they let me go to sweetheart, but my sophomore sister was allowed to go. When I have children I don’t want to stop them from enjoying the things I never got to enjoy. I want my child or children to have a better childhood than I did. I will participate in my Childs life and I will make sure they have good grades while in school, the parts of Authoritative style parenting would be that I would discipline my child if the reason was necessary to teach them the basics of right and wrong. If it was not wrong, then there is no reason to discipline. I wouldn’t do it just because, Also I would allow my child a voice in the matter I wouldn’t stop them from explaining. My parents always pulled the I’m the adult and you’re the child stuff with me and never let me have a voice, which has held me back in things that could of