Parenting Styles Paper

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Parenting Styles
The importance of parenting plays a huge role in the further development of the child. The way parents interact with their children has a direct effect on their development: Their level of confidence and self-esteem, their sense of security, their emotional well-being, the way they relate to others, how they deal with authority, and their performance in school are the huge factors I found. Parenting basically revolves around three things to lead to the effects above, such as limit setting, love, and respect. Limit setting is basically giving the child freedoms or not and whether they are mature enough or not to have those freedoms. Love is basically approval and nurture of the child and the decisions they make. Respect is basically if they let the child express their own feelings and how they act towards the parent. Usually if all three of these things happen you will get the freedoms you should and that parent will be an authoritative parent.
There are four basic parenting styles. These determine basically what kind of parent you are and the effects it can have on your child.
Authoritative parents- nurture, discipline, and respect their children in equal measure. They set high standards and expectations, consistently enforce rules, and encourage independence. Open communication and the ability to listen is important.
Authoritarian parents-discipline their children but don’t tend to nurture or respect them. They value obedience and discourage independence. They set strict rules, enforce them harshly and do not like to have their authority questioned.
Permissive/indulgent parents- tend to