Paris Bike Share Essay

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Video response: city driving charge and Paris bike sharing I think the idea of charging cars for driving in the city is a very aggressive way to try and decrease city traffic congestion. In my opinion it is something that can only be implanted where a very efficient public transportation system is already in place. Also I can’t help to think about how people are going to try and get around this, potentially creating a grey/black market that applies techniques to avoid detection to cars. I do not like how in the video they replaced the lack of cars with more buses. Sure this may be greener but as they were saying, many buses are very empty during certain times of the day. I can’t help to wonder the added stress the buses have on the roads, since they do weigh more than a typical car. I believe London has the potential to become a very sustainable city, especially if they continue to implement radical concepts such as this city charging drive. It shows they are serious about becoming more sustainable and even though it may anger some of the public; it conveys a powerful message of environmental awareness by the government. Paris’s Velib system is something I find quite genius. I am a big fan of bicycling, even though I prefer off road cycling. Biking instead of using cars or other modes of transportation is beneficial in a couple different ways. First off bikes are completely carbon neutral, making it one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation. Also I think that a large system of bicycle sharing also benefits society by making it healthier. I will never forget my time in a town on the out skirts of Amsterdam where bicycling was the preferred method of transportation. First off the entire town seemed to be incredibly fit, it was almost surreal how healthy everyone seemed to be. Second there were almost no cars out at night, everyone road bikes. One moment I will never forget is stepping out of the bar and walking up to a mountain of bikes piled one on top of the other, mine was somewhere in the pile. I ask somebody what I should do and he