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Paris can be seen as the most interesting city of Europe and probably even as one of the most amazing city’s worldwide. People from all over the world travel to Paris to discover and experience this fairy-like city. Paris is the city of love, inspiration, art and fashion.
General Information about Paris:
Paris is a capital and most populated city of France. The city of Paris has a population of about 2.2million that lives in. Paris is today one of the world’s leading business and cultural centre’s and has a global influence in politics, education, entertainment, media, science and the arts. Paris is also one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, and according to my research Paris welcomed over 29.3million tourists in the year of 2013.
The main religion in Paris is Roman Catholicism and the other ones that do exist include Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.
Paris Culture:
Culture in Paris consist of Art, Literature, Libraries, Museums, Entertainment and performing arts, Cuisine, and Fashion. Paris is really known for its fashion designers, high-end boutiques and the twice-yearly Pairs Fashion Week.
Climate in Paris:
Paris is beautiful in every single season. The continental climate in Paris is characterized by warm and sunny summers; moderate winters and has no extreme temperatures. The average temperature in summer is about 25°C and in winter the temperature drops until an average of