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Paris Witte
ENV 105
Environment and Human Health Earth's environment is always changing at a rapid pace and affecting the ecosystems processes. The intimate and complex connections between our environment and our health are definite reminders of the importance in keeping a good ecosystem process. Population growth and increasing urbanization have reduced the air quality in many regions. Due to these changes and constant increase there are a lot of health issues that arise from all of this. For example, some would be asthma, lyme disease, allergies, etc. Rapidly developing countries that accelerate in urban growth lack the resources to enforce air-quality standards. One of the most common health issues that Americans deal with is asthma. “Increasing prevalence of asthma in U.S children and adults is a consequence of the increasing urbanization of the population and the diminishing air quality in many regions” (ENV 607). Asthma is a respiratory disorder marked by breathing difficulty caused by temporary narrowing of the bronchi, the airways branching from the trachea to the lungs. Attacks usually are brought on by allergic reaction to antigens such as grass and tree pollens, mold, spores, fungi, animal dander, and certain foods but may also be caused by chemical irritants in the atmosphere or by infections of the respiratory tract. It is now the most common occupational lung disease with 12-300 cases per million people per year (Patient 1). Asthma is caused by many things but majority of the causes are environmentally related. It can begin at any age but will usually occur in childhood. Physical affects that a person with asthma will experience are the occasional cough all the way to not being able to breathe. Some will also get a tight feeling in their chest and shortness of breath. This affects every person differently, some can be very active and do just fine where others can't go without their inhaler if they are overly active such as playing a sport. Some possible indications of the beginning of an asthma episode would be fast breathing, trouble sitting still, crankiness, and looking worried or scared (ullillnois 1). Depending on how well the person's asthma is controlled by medicine and other measures can pretty well dictate how…