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A Courageous Grandfather
A person whom I admire so much in my life and is Certainly Courageous in my eyesight is my Grandfather ,Mr. Roy W. Locklear. At the age of 60yrs old adopted an infant who was born into this world to be left behind at a hospital in Huston Texas. My grandfather also suffers from Pelvic cancer and still seams to hold a smile on his face and say to me, ”Karrie, Everything is fine, when I know that its not. Last but least, He is the backbone of our family. Our family lost two nephews in the past five years and my grandfather has still stood strong and held the family together.
On March 5,2001 I went over to visit with my Grandfather for supper. As I walked in the door sat my grandfather holding a newborn child and I said to my self maybe it was someone who was visiting child. So as I sat down in the chair next to him I asked, “Papa Roy whose baby is this, and he replies “Well Baby He is Mine and your grandmothers.” I sat there with this lost look on my face as he began to explain. My Grandfather has ran a construction crew for over 50+ years, and has helped people all of his life. He explained to me that He had a Hispanic lady that worked on the job and he began to notice that the lady was pregnant. He explains to the lady on the job that day that she can not be working on the job lifting heavy machinery and she pregnant. The lady explains to my grandfather that she had just gained some weight and that he was mistaken that she wasn’t pregnant. So she continues to work through out the day with my grand father. The next day my grandfather goes to work and notices that the lady is not there and one of the men on the job explains to him that she was in the hospital having a baby. My grandfather rushes off to the hospital to where she was at and sure enough it was true. He explained to her that he would see her after her maternity was over. My grandfather goes back to work the next day and