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1) Property Developer - a property developer is a professional in the field of real estate development, also called property development. This position contains many different aspects, features, or qualities. The business covers a great deal ranging from re-lease and renovation of existing buildings to the purchase and sale of both raw land and improved parcels of land as in commercial or residential states.

2) I’m interested in this job reason being, as myself I can deal with anticipating problems and take quick action. This relates to me as why I’m interested in this job because it can offer me lots of opportunities to go deep into the fields which more or less refer to before to expand my structure of knowledge and enhance (gain value) my previous experiences.

Another reason why I’m interested in this position is due to my commitment to quality. In this position I understand that the role I play is necessary to get the job done in order to produce greatness and increase the bottom line. Suburb demographics will increase if you would (as a property developer) buy a block of land residential or commercial. Build town houses minimum 3 and up to as much can fits or you want and units 15-50 or more. Then after that happens, the population growth will increase due to the people who now live in the buildings of that area.

3) The key characteristics necessary for the job are:

Time is money and delaying your project here and there can prove very costly. You would have had plans on managing timelines throughout the development process, although make sure that many factors will be beyond their control, such as council delays during the development, approval phase or even weather during the construction period.
Consumption and Investment good:
Property is a unique investment proposition, due to it serving both as an investment and as consumption good. Occasionally people purchase property as an investment, and others too but it purely to support them in the needs of surviving everyday life. Or unlike others you purchase property for both parties.
Being or becoming a property developer requires a lot of work, if that’s what you want, to be successful. Therefore being confident is part of a characteristics because when you are negotiating or just simply talking to someone within the property stage you would want to make sure that your voice is loud and clear, using gestures while talking and knowing what you’re saying (not too much nor too little).

4) In order to become a property developer there are a few things to clear up on just before that happens. The necessary needs in order of becoming a property developer include;
Applicants must have completed an Australian Year 12 qualification, Australian Qualifications Framework Diploma, or equivalent Australian or overseas qualification at the required level.

Assumed knowledge – Mathematics and any two units of English.

If you were to get a certificate and go to TAFE or UNI e.g. UTS, University of Technology, Sydney you would need to get a ‘Bachelor of Construction Project Management’. This degree specifies graduates with the broader skills and knowledge base needed to meet the changing demands of the construction, infrastructure and related industries. (The contact hours allocated to each subject are nominal and often involve a combination of lectures, tutorials, workshops and