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Part A

Should Canadian companies do business in and or with a country that is involved in/allow/does not regulate or control any of the following for example.

— War
I think there have two aspects to have trade between Canada and war country.
PROS: Canadian companies can sell some necessaries to that county. After wars, people didn’t have enough food ,water or clothes.We can use a lower price to sell to them and make more profit.On the other hands,Canadian companies can have a lower tariff that ship to the war country.
CONS:Some people didn’t have money to pay for that.Some companies don’t have a good situation to operate.They may not have materials to finish that you already paid for.

Like Iraq,they used to export oil to many countries,then, they suffered war. Their economy back to before.

— Famine I think we have to do business with country that have famine.
People can get some food that their needs to replace of money.
We can save money of workers salaries.

Some Africa countries they don’t have enough food in their’s countries.Some developed countries that help them to growing food.

—Poverty We can give these poverty countries some opportunities to improve their living level and we have advantages of cooperation conditions like more people and more places to work for your products.

SAMSUNG company contributed many factories in Africa because Africa’s TV market growing up quickly.

—Child labour
I think child labour is irrational because Canadian companies will against the law. Also,companies are against the humanitarian spirit.

Some child labors need to work all day and no food. Child labors in Africa, they collection coco beans for chocolate,but they never knows what that for.Some of them died and they threw them into a pole!

—Lack of concern for the environment
We shouldn’t work with a lack environment awareness .A good concern of environment is a great thing for companies.We need a green developed company and factory in the world.Also, if you polluted environment it will against laws.It’s not a good method to polluted environment and make a profit as a quality company.Another aspect is when the company ship these products to another country it will take bad-bacterium to there.

Beijing to closed down 300 polluted factories in 2014 to improve their air quality.
—Human rights violations
Human rights are important in all kinds of work.Canadian companies should pick a companies…