Part Time Job Essay

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In some countries, young people have jobs while they are still studying. Part-time job not only helps student have financial independence with their parent; helps them understand the value of money but also helps them improve their skill, which is very important in work environment when they graduate. In my opinion, there are some key skills:
Firstly, part-time job helps student improve their teamwork skill. The business’s success depends so much on different teams/departments work together. Being a good member in a team working activities helps student improve their communication, presentation, working in high pressure environment skill and understand their role as well as their contribution in an organization. Secondly, part-time job gives them opportunity to develop their time management skill. Being a part-time employee requires student manage their schedule well, so that they can balance your time for the job, studies, rest and sleep. They also know how to prioritize their tasks, it means that the most important tasks must be scheduled and done first. In some countries, the governments also limit the maximum time the student can work as a part-time job employee to make sure that they have quite enough time for attending lessons and do studying themself. Thirdly, it helps them improve their problem solving skill as well. In working environment, student have to face with a lot of unexpected and surprised things, they can ask a help form experienced colleague but almost of them must be resolved by themself.
Beyond, I think that part-time job also helps student improve other skills such as customer