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Sphereland Name___________________________________
Part I – The Straight World Date____________________Period___________

1. ___Hexagon__________ is the narrator of this part.
2. Why was the narrator feeling guilty? Pg 27
He deserted his grandfather. He would not listen to Square’s discussion of 3rd dimension.

3. Describe what was done to honor Square. Pg 28
Monument erected on market square surrounded by circle of 12 trees (represents highest wisdom)
4. Discuss the changes in women. Pg 29 -30
Women can be smart
Tantrums are a thing of the past
Feeling of responsibility
Innovation of the shoe

5. Summarize the “Cinderella” fairy tale. Pg 31 – 33
Very straight, very slim, 2 step sisters; There was an official ball and a handsome 24 sided prince was to be there. A neighbor gave Cinderella a dancing shoe so she could go but told her that it would turn to jelly after 3 hours. The prince danced only with her until midnight when she ran for home and escaped through a ventilator which knocked her shoe off. The prince went searching for the owner of the shoe. He found Cinderella, they married and had many children

6. Describe changes in attitudes towards class. Pg 33-35
Size of brain angle is not absolute measure of intelligence
Increased freedom of association between sexes lessened class differences
Not ashamed if married women of lower class and children had fewer sides
Isosceles refused to let Caste Council take his equilateral sons

7. How was disrespect shown to Equilaterals? Pg 35
Addressing him at one of his other vertices

8. List the shapes of the sons of the Isosceles triangle who surgically changed their shapes. Also list the nicknames given to one of them. Pg 36
Hexagon, Nonagon, Dodecagon
“Do-Decay”, Little Twelver, Pintsized Dozen, Dodeca Count, Duke Dozen, Baron of Twelve

9. What does the linealogy registers record? Pg 37 indicates exactly how ther person in question acquired his many-sidedness
10. What were the consequences of the “quiet revolution?” Pg 37
New ideas could be considered
11. Up until this time, what was thought about all inhabited countries? Pg 38
They were inhabited by the same creatures that were living with them and they were at the same levels of development and culture

12. Describe the country where the vertical angle of the men was never more than 10. Pg 39 – 40
The pointed Isosceles had killed all the higher ranks
They resolved to keep it that way
Good at warfare but arts & sciences were missing

13. Describe the country where the inhabitants had only been interested in intellectual development.
Pg 40 – 41 few Isosceles were left and those that were had a vertical angle of more that 50° Lots of Polygons and Circles Border nation was jealous and attacked killing most and taking possession of the resources

14. Discuss who the Amazon tribe was, what they did, and what became of them. Pg 42 – 44
Thought to be all females but they kept men confined
Isosceles were killed at birth because of potential threat
Men rebelled but angles weren’t sharp enough and were mostly destroyed
Amazon nation started raiding other nations and capturing men
Neighboring states joined together to try to defeat the Amazons

15. ___Bellaforta_________________ was queen of the Amazons. Pg 44

16. Who was Prince Armatus and what did he dq o? Pg 44
He was a general and a decagon. He led the he army against the Amazons.

17. How did Quadratus capture the queen of the Amazons and how was he rewarded for his heroic deed? Pg 45
Wedged/trapped her between 3 trees; changed into a Dodecagon and made a nobleman

18. What shape were trees, how did they propagate, and what happened to them when they died? Pg 46 Somewhat rounded; seeds form on surface and pop off and take root Dissolve in air
19. How did adults use trees to maintain their orientation? Pg 46
Fresher green color on north side (because of rain)

20. Describe the “dragons” found in the…