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Here I am a junior in high school and I am still uncertain what I would like to do after high school. Most of my friends have already made their decisions, and I find it baffling how easy they made it seem as to what they aspired to do and become in their future endeavors. When I asked them how their decisions were made, they said they were based on numerous factors; the job trends in the country, family owned businesses, or following family job traditions, etc. However, when I looked at my particular situation and began to ponder about my personal experiences, I realized how I have enjoyed working with people and could possibly pursue a career that involved helping other people. So, if I were given this great opportunity to be a part of the College Prep Program, this would give me the insight and motivation I need for the college experience that would help me to get started on fulfilling my post high school plans. Although I am a bit of a shy person, I have managed to participate in school activities and clubs. I have been able to strengthen my confidence by feeling a sense of not only belonging, but contributing to the group. I see that through working with others for others, that are less fortunate, one can learn to communicate, network, brainstorm, organize, and collaborate. This has helped me to advance my personal skills. Some of the clubs I have been a part of have been The Belle Club. One of the most memorable activities I partook in was to help paint some