Langston Hughes And The Harlem Renaissance

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Let Nobody Turn Us Around: "Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance" The rise of Harlem that involved the entire culture and social media was one of the best things for African Americans. At this time musicians, writers, and artists went to Harlem striving to redefine the Negro aesthetics and their creativity. These African Americans believed that they were finally part of the modern age who were able to celebrate the African American culture. In conclusion the Harlem is a time period of the Renaissance that shows the significant of the culture. I believe this was a great idea because African Americans need to be shown what amazing qualities they have and that they weren’t only slaves. The timing was perfect because the Great Depression was also occurring at the time. The Harlem was also at times considered as the “The Shakespeare of Harlem.” Comparing the Harlem to the Shakespeare is a big deal because Shakespeare happens to be a historical event that everyone talks about.
Cane, Jean Toomer: "Karintha" Reading this short story was very interesting. The little poems in between the stories were also very intriguing. It’s amazing how even back then men would do anything for a female that they were interested in. It’s funny how men have that vulnerability for females. They show their vulnerable side when they truly care for someone. Karintha being only twelve knew exactly how to win peoples hearts and win them over. Even though this was a interesting short poem/story, I don’t understand how it related to African Americans.

Extra Credit-"Bird's Word" by The Last Poets. This video was pretty cool because old school rap was the best. Rap music in the modern day of age is very different from