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Human life cannot be measured by how long one lives or the quality of life one led. Humanities legacy is assessed by ones moral, cultural, and spiritual beliefs. To the study of cultures society can investigate the myriad ways of being brought into Essence by human mind. By examining endangered cultures, society is able to observe individual belief, progress, corruption, political dominance, and even the effects of global globalization. In the end society is trying to gauge the morals of working towards the greater good dinner and that is done through answering the old question, what is one life worth?

Now the debate at hand is what is one life worth? To truly understand this question every human needs to look at their own beliefs and determine if man was born with natural born rights.

Instead of working towards an unbiased humanity where cultural diversity is present, humanity should be working towards progressing in the field of cultural tolerance. The way this can be accomplished is through education. Teaching humans the ways of others demonstrates similarities of mankind which humanity as a whole tends to overlook. As humans we all share the same cognitive abilities so it is no surprise that we all dance, sing, and express ourselves. It is the rhythm of the dance, and the tune of the song that set cultures apart. Until people learn that there is absolutely no right way of living there will always be corruption. But through universal education, humans can