Cathedral Short Story

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A short story called “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver is a story about a man and his wife and a blind man his wife use to read to years ago. The wife and the blind man have keep in touch for over ten years, through all the good times and all the bad times in their lives. They shared everything about themselves with each other through audiotapes being sent back and forth. The wife and the blind man decided that it would be nice to meet again in person to catch up. The wife figured that instead of the blind man getting a hotel he could just stay with her and her husband. The narrator of the story is the husband and he is kind of eerie about the blind man coming to stay in his home. The husband must truly love his wife to be able to trust her enough to be okay with her telling this strange man all the details of their life. At the beginning of the story, the narrator explains how he feels bad for the man because he is blind. He goes into details about how horrible it must have been for the man to marry a woman that he cannot see. The man married the woman in a church exactly how she wanted to be married. When she died of cancer, the man sat beside her bed in the hospital holding her hand not knowing when she took her last breath. The man was not even able to see his wife’s head stone for her grave site. The husband was in disbelief that a person could live like this. He also stated “What a pitiful life this woman must have led.” (Carver, 2013, p. 31) The only explanation