Paseo Caribe Project Essay

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Case Analysis
Trouble in Paradise: Stakeholder Conflict in the Paseo Caribe Project Executive Summary

Paseo Caribe project involved multiple parties with differing values and interests which resulted in the controversy and conflict. A collaborative approach in a transparent public platform would allow for better communication, free flow of ideas and the creation of a better product.

Problem/Challenge Statement

This project involved multiple parties with differing values, interests and opinions. A breakdown in communication, transparency, and collaboration delayed the project from the beginning. Each group fought for their own interests causing conflicts which hindered the progress of the project and negatively
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Therefore, from the economical point of view, the success of the project was in the government’s interests. On the other hand, positive image of the country abroad is very crucial for Puerto Rico. The backlash from residents has created negative press resulting in a poor image of the country’s government. This had the potential to reduce the future of foreign investment in the region and increase both unemployment and interest rates.
The case also addresses the concerns of the local NGO’s and residents. The primary goal of these stakeholders is to preserve historic sites, assure safety, and protect community rights. The city’s most prized historical site of San Jeronimo Fort could have been adversely affected resulting in the restriction of the public access to the site. From a safety standpoint, the location of the construction on the edge of the coast line was potentially hazardous due to waves and hurricanes. Also, because the construction site was on landfills, they considered it to be a public property in accordance with the island’s law.

Options Analysis

Option A: Statement
Madero’s first option is to ignore the public criticism and backlash about his project. His primary goal is to complete his construction project on time and under budget resulting in a profit for the company. This approach is totally justifiable as he broke no laws and followed all the required protocol for permit collecting and building. From a corporate and