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Business studies- Pass 5&6- Legal, ethnical and operational issues in business communication.
To- Mrs,Burn
From- Chantelle Trim
Date- 06.11.2013
This report is about the legal, ethnical and operational issues that we all have to follow in business communication. I will be writing about what these statements means and there different meanings. I will explain how Stoke Damerel Community College complies with these laws to keep all staff, students and visitors safe.
What are legal issues and why are they important?
Legal issues have a specific law behind them. This means that the house of parliament has made the law which will result in legal consequences if you don't obey it. Business communication has become more complex due to technology. Due to this it has raised legal concerns as businesses worries about the erosion of privilege, interception of data or storage of communications being misused. Stoke Damerel Community College has to follow many legal issues. The main three is Data Protection Act 1998, Freedom of information Act 2000 and The Computer Misuse Act 1990.
Stoke Damerel needs to have information and data from all students and staff. This is because it lets the school get in contact with parents or carers even the students themselves if needed. The data protection act protects everyone information that is held at the school from being misused or stolen. If the school fails to protect all information they will suffer legal consequences.
This means that they must only use our data and information when they need to. Stoke Damerel would do this to send letters home, ring home to parents. They must not use the information unless they have to. They should also only keep the information on there system while the student or staff member is there. It’s also important that Stoke Damerel keeps everyone information accurate and up to date they do this by sending data forms with the data on it. This helps the school keep information accurate and update because it allows parent to fill in the form with the correct details
The Freedom of information Act 2000 is an act of the United Kingdom (UK) Parliament defining the ways in which the public may obtain access to government-held information. Stoke Damerel uses this act to give and receive information to staff and parents and students. Parents has the right access educational records under "Education (Pupil Records) Regulations (NI) 1998”. However although they a right to have this information, whether they get this information is down to Board of Governors.
The Computer Misuse Act 1990 is designed to protect computer users against attacks or theft of information. Offences under the computer misuse act includes hacking, unauthorised access to computer systems and purposefully spreading malicious and damaging software such as viruses. The act makes it an offence to access a computer system without the appropriate authorisation. The act also covers unauthorised access to different parts of a computer system, therefore, a person may be allowed to access one part of a system but not others and the accessing of the other parts will be an offence. Stoke Damerel uses the computer misuse act very effectively. Stoke Damerel uses a software to block sites that the school think isn't appropriate for student to be going on during school hours. The school also does it to protect student especially year 7s seeing pictures that is inappropriate However, this can be an issue because some website are blocked and a teacher may need it for there lesson, so they have to go the computer team to explain why it should be unblocked.
What are ethical issues?
Ethical issues have no force of law, but are of a nature that affects the society around you, or has consequences for the people involved. Ethical issue is pertaining to right and wrong in conduct, involving or expressing moral approval. Stoke Damerel uses ethical issues within the school.
An example of this would be 'whistle