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The mission of the Passaic River Coalition is to restore the Passaic River by improving and sustaining the integrity of its most precious resource, the water.

The Passaic River Basin, a 935-­‐square-­‐mile region of urban, suburban and rural areas in northern New Jersey and southern New York, is home to nearly 4 million people.

The Passaic River is 90 miles long and passes through 45 municipalities in seven counties.

The Passaic River Coalition was founded in 1969 and managed for 44 years by Ella F. Filippone, PhD, Executive Director. Dr. Filippone passed away in 2013 and the PRC Board of Trustees is engaged in a detailed evaluation of its programs, aspirations and revenue.

The board has the following immediate challenges:

• Widen audience base • Revitalize and engage current members (who are aging) • Manage operating costs While the current challenges are addressed, there is an opportunity to generate awareness about the organization, raise funds and share the rich history of Willow Hall, the historical headquarters.

The river became heavily polluted in the 1800s and 1900s as the area became industrialized, and the water quality remains poor. The lower section is regarded as one of the most polluted bodies of water in the country. State officials have told the public not to eat fish caught in the tidal Passaic River. The EPA is planning a $1.7B cleanup. Corporations have agreed to pay $130M in damages, but it's unclear if that money will be used for cleanup.

Source -­‐ Wikipedia

Some of the highest levels of cancer-­‐causing dioxin in the Passaic River have been found in mudflats in Lyndhurst.

An old sewage drain that empties into the dioxin polluted Passaic River in Newark.

Plenty of wildlife still call the river home, like the turtle sunning on a log amid garbage in Kearny.

A derelict boat sits in the Passaic at low tide. The U.S. government has proposed dredging 4.3 million cubic yards of sediment out of the river.

• 4 million residents in northern NJ and southern NY

• Nurture our ideal customers: college educated, environmentally conscious and outdoor oriented

• Area business owners

• Utilities, academics, & organizations

• Celebrities from or who live along the Passaic River

• Interns and students • Environmental volunteers • Wildlife and conservation organizations

How will we make it happen? • Passaic River Coalition is going Digital! • Re-­‐launch website with consistent updates • Re-­‐engage current donors

• outreach to current membership asking for e-­‐mail addresses