Passion: Childhood and Annie Essay

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English, Period 3

Annie John

This haunting story of a young girl, Annie John a coming-of-age story, which focuses on a tragic loss at childhood. Its demanding voice is clever and indelible. By far, this story manifests always holding your mother in high esteem. Annie grows within her mother’s shadow, while living an idyllic life, you must break free from your family. I highly recommend this to all readers, its eye opening and will cast a spell on you. As an only child, Annie lives a paradise, struggling with what everyone has, the bad. As apart being close to her mother, they start to become rivals when she starts to force her to grow up. The rebel inside of Annie promulgates and after five years after that state of her being, she falls back into a child dependent state due to her illness. At the age of seventeen she leaves home to England. Annie breaks apart from her mother’s tightened arms at the dock. She distances herself away from loves and everything she knows. In the final chapter, “A Walk to the Jetty” Annie separates herself to an independent person who makes her way and will continue to create herself in the world. When her mother’s arms are tightened around her, she frees herself. Frantically waving a red handkerchief as she watches the figure of her mother fading in the distance. The sea takes on a symbolic role in the chapter. After panicking in the subject of separating, she nears the boat, eyeing the clear water, “I could hear the small waves lap lapping around the ship. They made an