Essay on Passive Voice and Experimental Aircraft Association

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The network community of this organization has local meetings who have educational speakers who discuss all characteristics about the industry. The EAA also has an annual conference that members can attend to learn about industry issues and trends. Training courses, professional certificates, and programs are available with this association to provide knowledge of the aviation industry. As member clients are provided [Passive voice ] with a newsletter and websites that explain all current industry news. Last, as a member there is opportunity to volunteer time and expertise with affiliates in the aviation world (Experimental Aircraft Association, 2011). These contributes can affect my goal in life and career success by providing me with the following. In the EAA network, owners, and employees of aircraft companies are available for open talk with any questions I may have and references for jobs I will be interested [Passive voice ] in. I will be able to attend conferences to educate myself with different philosophies in safety, flight, and production with aircraft that may give me that extra bit of knowledge that others might [Check word usage: Use "might" to indicate an uncertain possibility. Use "may" for a possibility almost a sure thing] not have. Employees who continue to educate