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Nicole Lipscomb

IT222 Microsoft Network Operating Systems II
Homework Assignment 6

Questions from Chapter 5

1. Name the four security guidelines you should consider regarding the administrator account. -cryptic password - provide username for account -setting firewall - manage desktop

2. Passwords that combine letters (of mixed cases), digits, and special characters are referred to ___cryptic________ passwords. (page 103 in chapter 5 and 127-128 in chapter 6)

3. A(n) _______ADDS____________ is issued to the user upon logon and it is referenced whenever the user tries to access a resource. Also, what does it contain? (p 103)

4. Name the two group types and the three group scopes. (p 104-105) -Universal and Distribution - Universal, global, and domain local scopes

5. Which kind of group…

a. Is used for group emails and is not a security principle? Global

b. Is a security group that is commonly used as a security principle (that is, listed in an ACL)?

Security or Distribution

c. Is stored in the Global Catalog and can have members from any domain in the forest?


d. Can only have members from within the local domain?


e. Is used solely to organize users? (two answers)

Organizational Unit

6. What is it called when a group is a member of another group?

Domain Child 7. What classification of groups do Anonymous Logon and Authenticated User fall into?

Authenticated Users Group

8. Which two built-in security groups appear only in the forest root domain? Schema and Administrator Domain

9. When viewing the properties of a Universal (or Global) group, what two tabs appear in the middle?
|(Hint: if you don’t remember, here is a picture) |[pic] |
|MEMber of |