Past Events In The Great Gatsby

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In the novel "The Great Gatsby", the past has a lot of significance to the novel and the characters. The novel itself is in the past. The main characters, Gatsby amd Daisy, met in the past, and their past together plays a big role to the story and plot. Past events affected Gatsby amd Daisy in a very negative manner. Furthermore, their past had a huge impact on their present situation.
Since Gatsby and Daisy met in the past and became lovers before the war, Gatsby had an obsession with Daisy once the war was over. For example, he bought the property across the lake from Daisy's house so that he could always be near her. In addition, Daisy had a green light at the end of her dock that Gatsby would reach out to as if to reach out to Daisy and their past love. This obsession with their past love had a negative impact on Gatsby that lead to his death at the end of the novel.
Furthermore, Daisy was also partially obsessed with her past love with Gatsby. This lead her to have an affair on her husband just to be with Gatsby. In addition, she accidentally murdered someone while with Gatsby when they were alone together in Gatsby's car driving home. This obsession had a negative impact on Daisy's love life and her life as well. It lead her to become careless and selfish.
Although the past had a negative impact on both Daisy and Gatsby, Gatsby is the person who
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He had become great friends with Gatsby and witnessed everything that had happened between Daisy and Gatsby. At the beginning of the novel, Nick, the narrator, was fresh from the war with a lot of energy, enthusiasm, hope, and excitement, but as the novel goes on, he became quiet and somber. Everything that happened in the novel led Nick to become haunted by West Egg, New York. The past of West Egg haunted him eniugh to tell the story of that summer with Gatsby. The summer had a negative impact on Nick, which led him to become so somber and