Pastry Chef Jacque Marres

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I'm doing my project of the pastry chef Jacque Torres. He was born in Algeria but moved to France to study baking and the culinary arts where he did very well. "Jacques Torres was born in Algiers, Algeria, and moved to Bandol, a fishing village in the South of France. He took up baking at age 15, when he began an apprenticeship at a small pastry shop. Within two years, Torres had begun to master his baking skills." After going through culinary school he met a great chef who he started his culinary career with. Even though Torres did not have a lot of experience at the time the two-star chef still worked with him because he could see that Torres had an extreme love for cooking. "In his early 20s, Torres met two-star Michelin chef Jacques Maximin and began working with him at the Hotel Negresco, a leading hotel on the French Riviera. Although he had only his apprenticeship as prior experience, Torres was able to land that job as a result of his love for food and for making people happy." Torres did so good while he was working with the great chef Jacques Maximin that they kept working together traveling around the world working at a lot of high end restaurants. "He considered himself a craftsman, and apparently, so did Maximin. The two forged a relationship that lasted eight years and took Torres around the world." Even though Torres was a busy man working constantly he was still able to go back to culinary school and receive a master pastry degree. "Although Torres was working regularly as a chef, he found time to attend culinary school and earn a master pastry chef degree." Being the great chef he is he decided to become a teacher to help pass on his skills and techniques to aspiring chefs. He was become so know for his great pastry arts that he earned the great title of the best craftsman of France. "He also taught pastry courses at a culinary school in Cannes, France, from 1983 to 1986, which was the year he earned the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France ("Best Craftsman of France"), becoming the youngest chef to earn the distinction." Torres inspiration to become so great and receive that award was his coach, Frank Mars, and Leonardo da Vinci. "Torres credits his MOF coach, Lou Lou Franchain, for serving as a role model and inspiring him. Others who have served as sources of inspiration to Torres include Frank Mars of M&M Mars and Leonardo da Vinci." After eating that title Torres then moved to the United States where he then started working for the luxurious ritz-Carlton hotel company. "Torres ventured to the United States. He began working as a corporate pastry chef for the Ritz-Carlton luxury hotel chain." By putting in so much great work Torres was able to meet the famous chef Sirio Maccioni. Mr Maccioni was so impressed in Torrre's work and his passion for what he does that Mr Maccioni gave Torres the opportunity to work at his famous restaurant in New York "Le Cirque" "He was well on his way to pursuing the American Dream, which was his intention from the start. The following year, 1989, afforded Torres the opportunity to meet legendary restaurateur Sirio Maccioni, who invited the young chef to work at his iconic award-winning French restaurant, Le