Pat Conroy Confession Of An Ex-Catholic Summary

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Pat Conroy wrote “Confession of an Ex-Catholic” to make the argument that children should have the right to pick their own religion. Conroy starts off the article by stating that he might always be haunted by the memories of being a Catholic and that they may never go away. The author believes their own children should not be afflicted to these haunting memories. Therefore, Conroy’s children do not attend Catholic schools or church because Conroy wants them to decide their religious future for themselves. Even though the author has horrible memories of the church, Conroy also has good memories. These includes the language, the architecture, and the poetry of the Catholic church. However, these good memories were outweighed by the bad which is why Conroy made the decision to leave the church. The audience of the article can be concluded to be fellow “ex-Catholic.” The author states, “This seems to be the universal condition of ex-Catholics. We said our goodbyes but did not totally escape.” In the quote, the author uses the word “we” …show more content…
Throughout the nine years I spent at a Catholic school, I experience nothing other than good memories. Conroy’s experience does not reflect the Catholic religion has a whole, but just a corrupted school and church. The Catholic church does have negative publicity, but that is not realistic for all the churches I have experienced. Churches are always more than welcoming towards everyone and do not actually discriminate as the media portrays. From the time of birth, I have been Catholic and it has helped me throughout several times in my life. Church and school taught me morals that I would not get from anywhere else. While people should have a freedom of religion, children need to be taught about Jesus from a young age because not only does that teach remarkable morals, but when children feel alone, they will know that Jesus is always