Essay about Pat Frank and Mans Capacity

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Alas Babylon by Pat Frank Adetokunbo Ogundeji
A nuclear wars devastation not only changes life as it was, but can also change the personalities and behaviors of those who have survived. While some people become selfish and evil, others step up and take responsibility to lead and protect those around them. In the novel, Alas Babylon by Pat Frank, the main character, Randy Bragg changes from being wreck less and irresponsible to a brave leader whose main priority is to protect and ensure survival for his loved ones. He realized that in order to survive he must be resourceful and work with others. This proves to be difficult because there are others whose behaviors are selfish and evil. War is an instrument of national suicide that challenges mans capacity to change and forces him to assume a role of leadership in order to survive the disasters of war.
Although war is all about fighting each other, but fighting are self’s in this story this showed a lot of what happened inside the county then what really happened outside. War was no longer an instrument of national policy but national suicide. Examples would be radiation poison that killed porky Logan and others. Or maybe both major governments gone and the highwayman killing their own people for items. Porky Logan was being selfish so he went to get gold and selling it to others for profit. Then highwayman killing poor innocent people for food, these things causes national suicide in our nation.
Most people didn’t survive the attack but the people who did use man capacity to change to survive. Doctor Gun and Randy used what they had to survive to live. Randy used water from henrys well to get pure water, Peyton used fishing pole and Randys boat to get big bass and Randy got salt from the shore from the crabs so they can survive. Randy using salt help the people to brush their teeth and also helped them to eat their pigs. Peyton getting big bass helped by figuring out where she got it and for