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Patagonia: Leading a Green Revolution Case Study
Ethic Paper

Vee Vang (Vue)
Management Principles and Practices 310, Section 03
Professor Gregory W. Drehmel
September 12, 2014
Patagonia is one of the best companies that produce green outdoor clothing’s and gear. Only using organic cotton to make their clothing and gears. They are helping the environment as a business and as an environmental organization. So what makes Patagonia such a successful company after so many years?
So what makes Patagonia such a successful company? Well we have to say its all because of founder Yvon Chouinard. He founded Patagonia in 1972 and made it into one of the must successful companies that sell outdoor clothing’s, not only that but a company that is committed to environmental sustainability. Not only that but we know Chouinard is a risk taker and that what he say is usually right.
We know that founder Yvon Chouinard mission is to, “build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis” (Schermerhorn, J. 2012) and that is what the company has base its promise to. Chouinard wants to create products he knows that will be useful and do well for the environment. That’s is why the company really gives you what they promise on their products, which is to “minimize the number of Patagonia clothes that wind up in landfills, the company is committing to making clothes to last, fixing wear and tear items for consumers that can be repaired, and collecting and recycling.” (Schermerhorn, J. 2012) Not only that but Chouinard and his utilitarian view knows that its hard to survive in a conservative economy where money is a problem that’s why he rather create products that can help in many ways and last a longer time. Chouinard believes that by using organic cotton to make his products and making it last longer and keeping his promises on his products he helps his customers get there satisfaction and while at it helps the environment.
The ethical work of Chouinard and his company is not just talk but they act ethically. They help contribute to the environment and Chouinard believes he have nothing to hide from his workers or the media. Patagonia has a library of working documents not only that but it’s published online for the world to see, and he has guides for his employees on how to fix or decides in any situations they are put into. Not only that but he even pays his employees to leave their jobs for a month or so as long as they volunteer to help a environment cause of their choices and while at it still gets pay and benefits from the company.
Chouinard individualism belief is that he rather make and sell a good high quality product that will last long rather then a product made using low-quality goods that will be quickly thrown away. The NPD group stated on Chouinard that, “when people were stepping back, and the industry became copycat, Chouinard didn’t sell out, lower prices, and dilute the brand. Sometimes, the less you do, the more provocative and true of a leader you are” (Schermerhorn, J. 2012) because again Chouinard understand that during hard time in the economy people will tend to spend more money on something that will last longer then something that is cheap but wont last as long. Even though it