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Activity 4 Unit 2
Describing the main physical and technological resources required in the operation of a selected organisation
The main physical and technological resources required in an organisation are things such as, location, layout, facilities, ICT equipment, and stock. Organisations would look at those different areas to make sure that their business stands out from the competition and make sure their clients are satisfied with them.

Location and Building
Location is a very important factor for a successful business. Some businesses choose to locate their business in an area with a similar business whilst other choose to do in in a place where they find there is a gap for the business they offer. There are factors that need to be taken into consideration when a business is choosing a location such as is it convenient for the customers, are there enough local staff with the right skills and also the cost of the premises.
Sainsbury’s are usually located on a High Street where most people walk pass when going home and do their weekly shopping. High streets are usually a convenient place for a business as they are usually very busy and they have many commuting options, such as many bus stops, train, underground or tram stations.
Sainsbury’s buildings are decorated in orange, which is their company’s colour. This makes them easily recognisable and standing out from the other buildings. Easy recognisable building is an important factor as it attracts more customers if they can find it easier. Sainsbury’s buildings can be big and small depending if it is the main Sainsbury’s or the Sainsbury’s local, which are smaller and open till late.

The layout in Sainsbury’s is focused on being customer friendly. It has a simple design on the inside, which makes it easier to see and find what you need.
They have managed to organise their products in a way that it is easy and quick to shop even in their biggest stores. They put their own products line on an eye level, so that the customers see them first, which is a feature that helps them making it more successful.
As such a huge retailer in the UK, Sainsbury’s know what a customer needs so they have done a great job with their facilities. Sainsbury’s stores usually have big parking spaces, such as an underground two floors parking area or big parking space outside of the store, as most customers come with their cars when they do their weekly shopping. They have also provided trolleys which customers can use to get their products to the car without having to carry them in a bag.
Sainsbury’s also offer petrol stations, which makes it even more convenient when shopping with your car. Many customers would prefer shopping in a place where you can do both things at the same place.
Weekly shopping can be long sometimes and because of that Sainsbury’s have provided to their customers great toilet facilities in every of their big stores. Their toilet facilities also offer toilets for disabled people, which makes it convenient for disabled customers.
ICT equipment
Sainsbury’s uses ICT in different ways every day. One of their usage of ICT is that they operate with CCTV (Closed-circuit Television) for maximum security and safety for them and their customers, which is a main priority for such a big retailer in the UK. By using CCTV they can safe on security guards and use that money to improve the customer’s experience. CCTV is also a source of evidence that can help the customer in cases of, for example the customers believe they have been given the wrong change or someone has stolen something from the shop. Another way that Sainsbury’s uses ICT is their barcode scanning. They have thousands of products inside store and thousands of customers every day so their barcode scanning systems makes it easy and convenient for both customer and staff.
They also provide electronic price guns, which is a feature that many customers prefer. You can use the gun