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Development Objective Guide

Managers and employees should work together to create Development Objectives as part of the goalsetting process. While Annual Objectives focus on job-related tasks and are linked to the department and organization’s overall goals, Development Objectives are based on individual career and professional development goals, and they focus on skills, knowledge and competencies needed to: • • • Perform your current job well Improve and grow within your current job Further your career development.

By establishing these objectives, you and your supervisor are identifying areas on which you can focus for enhancement and/or professional growth over the next assessment period, as well as ways your supervisor may provide assistance in achieving these goals. Development objectives are not intended to imply substandard performance or improvement required. When creating Development Objectives, consider the following questions: • • • • • What are my strengths and how can I build on them to perform my job better? What is an area that challenges me that I’d like to focus on? Can I broaden my experience by learning more about another functional area? Is there another functional area that I’d like to learn more about? Is there an opportunity to enhance my strengths in any of core or leadership competencies? What are my career goals over the next few years and what skills or abilities do I need to master to reach those goals?

Examples of Development Objectives • • • • • • • • Working on special projects Participating on a cross-functional team Leading an initiative Taking advantage of company sponsored training Informal mentoring Outside training courses Self study Professional association or community service involvement

Development Objective Plan Review the example matrix on the following page to help you plan Development Objectives that relate to your career or personal goals.

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Development Objective Guide, Continued