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There are many career paths in this whole world. But I have chosen my career path out of the many career paths that there are in this world.

I’m planning to pursue a career in architecture; architecture is about someone who designs any building. “Architects basically design homes or buildings figure out how the structure of a building needs to works depending on environment (like if there's a lot of earthquakes, the golden gate bridge is a good example of architectural work).Architects get paid pretty darn good but it all depends on your reputation which takes years to build but usually around 100K+ is the salary They basically draw most of the day doing mathematical equations or telling constructors how things need to be put together in a project.

So the career path I have chosen out of the many there are is architecture. I have to do the five steps and design all kinds of buildings very good or very well for they could stand for many years.
There is a barrier I have and it has been bothering me. But this barrier is not any type of barrier it is a academic barrier. The academic barrier is the I don’t do my work when I get it right away I do at the last minute. Even if I get a project I do it at the last minute too, but I still get my work turned in. That’s a big risk that I am taking.

The ways that I can change that risk is that I could do the work when I get it and turn it in on time. Even when I get a project I could do right when I get it and it could be done…