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Quiz 1 Info
1. Excess glucose is stored as: glycogen
2. Repairing and building muscles is known as: anabolism
3. The breakdown in glycolysis into: two pyruvic acid molecules
4. When oxygen is not present, the net gain of ATP is: 2
5. The last step in glycolysis: production of ATP from phosphoenolpyruvic acid
6. If you get a cramp and there is lack of oxygen, the increase of glucose being broke down for energy: lactic acid
7. Malfunction of mitochondria affects what cycle: Citric Acid Cycle
8. FADH2 fed into the electron transport chain, how many ATP are produced: 2
9. Decrease blood glucose, which process causes the decrease: glycogenesis
10. What can increase metabolic rate: exercise
11. Molecule that moves electron from citric acid cycle to electron transport chain: NADH
12. Last step of electron transport chain: movement of H ions through special channels is coupled to ATP production
13. When stressed and not eating normally, what can provide energy: glucogneogenesis
14. When on the Atkins Diet, what circulates the bloodstream: fatty acids
15. Difference between anaerobic and aerobic respiration: aerobic produces more ATP
16. Citric Acid Cycle begins by combing: oxaloacetic acid and acetyl-CoA to form citric acid
17. When hyperventilating, to get rid of CO2 and bring more O2, what process moves oxygen into the cell: simple diffusion
18. Cyanide stops ATP production, what is effected: active transport
19. Increase in exercise increases muscle mass, which organelle is responsible: ribosomes
20. What process transfer info DNA