Pathological Liar Essay

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We have all lied at some time or another in our life. As a child, we may have lied so we would not get in trouble. As adults, we may lie to avoid disagreements with someone, so we can maintain a healthy relationship with that person. We teach children that it is wrong to lie; however lying comes natural for us, and we all lie whenever it is convenient. These kinds of lies are ‘white lies’. They are harmless lies if mentioned with the right purpose. People lie to loved ones more than anyone else. It is easier to lie to a loved one more than anyone else, because telling the truth might be more painful than a lie. Some people are better liars than others. When a person becomes habituated with lying, it becomes a problem. When Lies …show more content…
They will elaborate and lie about nearly everything; however, they will tell the truth about serious ones. They will not admit to telling a lie, and if their story is questioned, they will try to change the subject or can even become violent because they tend to feel threatened when questioned. They very seldom make an effort to apologize or admit that they are wrong if they have lied. Most people find it difficult to maintain eye contact when they lie; however, a pathological liar can look a person straight in the eye and lie. Pathological liar rarely cares to stay in a relationship. They often get involved in extramarital affairs. It is almost impossible for them to be devoted to one person, because they have a hard time trusting anyone because they believe that they are always right while others are always wrong so it makes it hard for them to trust anyone . Some of the clearest signs of a pathological liar disorder is that they always try to prove themselves to be better than someone else. (What is a Pathological Liar?) In their mind, no one will ever be better than them. A pathological liar constantly tries to prove that he is greater than other people by putting them down and making them feel guilty. They are not faithful because they do not value honesty so be careful to what is said to them. They will try to make things worse than what they are.