Patient and Nurse Leader Essay

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As part of the relationship based care being instituted across the network of hospitals that I am a part of, the use of an improved communication board was implemented. This new tool, the careboard, was rolled out last month in my facility. As a nurse leader in this organization I was interested in the response to the careboards by not only the staff involved in utilizing them but also feedback from the patients. I do daily rounds on inpatients as part of an internal process of nurse leader rounding on patients. Over the last several weeks I incorporated the following questions in my leader rounds. I pointed out the careboard to each patient and asked “I see that a careboard is being used to help keep you informed about your hospital stay and condition. Have you found this to be a useful tool to keep you well-informed? Have you had an opportunity to add anything to your board that you think would be good information for your care team to know? What do you like best about the careboard? Can you think of any way that your care team could utilize this communication tool to better fit your needs? And finally , “Overall have you been pleased with the use of the careboard in your stay here? The response overall was very positive. Patients and their families felt that the careboards made them feel like a part of the “team”. They especially liked knowing their plan of care and what tests or procedures that they could expect for that day. Several pointed out that they were impressed to have the doctor fill in a portion of the board with her plan for discharge. Knowing their nurses and doctors names was important to the majority of the patients I talked with. They expressed that they might have forgotten those names if they were not written on the board. One was especially appreciative to her nurse for writing what time she could have her next pain medication, as she was dealing with managing her pain. Her and her nurse had initiated a plan to manage her pain proactively and not letting her pain get to a certain level before she asked for pain medication. This helped her pain from getting out of control. One talked about her experience from being here in a previous admission and not having the new careboards. She liked the new boards because she felt like the…