Patrick Eugene Boss Character Analysis

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I hope you will accept my most heartfelt sympathy on the tragic passing of your son, Specialist Patrick Eugene Boss. Patrick was the true definition of an American Soldier, as he was dedicated to serving his country, and more importantly, his family. The positive impact Patrick had on this organization cannot be put into words, and the heartbreak of his loss will always be felt by his brothers and sisters with which he served.

On March 10, 2010, Patrick was traveling in an armored military vehicle in a convoy on his way to begin his Rest and Recuperation leave. At 1:30 p.m. in Mosul, Iraq, the convoy came under attack by hostile enemy forces with small arms fire. Patrick was wearing his issued safety equipment, to include his body armor, helmet, and protective eye glasses. Regrettably, during the attack Patrick was shot in the neck by the enemy. Patrick remained conscious while fellow Soldiers in the convoy began to render first aid treatment, but tragically Patrick lost too much blood and he could not be saved. Though this may not serve as any consolation, I would like to tell you that Patrick did not indicate that he was in any
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A memorial service was held at 10:00 a.m. this morning in your son’s honor with the members of the 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry Regiment in Iraq. I could see the impact Patrick had on the Soldiers around him by the comments they made about him, and the tears in their eyes. As is tradition, a display of Patrick’s M4 rifle laden with his identification “dog” tags and secured between a pair of his boots was on a pedestal before the memorial audience. The emotions ran very deep as all the Soldiers in attendance moved past the display to render Patrick their final salute to a fallen hero. It was truly a moment that I will never forget, just as your son’s faithful service will never be