Patrick Henry And The Founding Father

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“America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand” (Harry S. Truman, Message to Congress). The Land we live in and the Freedom we have was because someone sacrificed it all. These people were wise, intellectual, and brave. Patrick Henry was not only one these men but also the stepping stone to the creation of America. He did the impossible, served as a Colonel, and fought for the Bill of Rights. Although, the founding fathers did miracles, they did not accomplish them alone. Behind every father is a mother. The founding mothers also did extraordinary things to help in the revolution and make America great. Patrick Henry and the Founding mother’s played an enormous role in the Revolution and the creation of the United States. …show more content…
Patrick Henry had small chances of becoming an important person. His mother was from an old line of Virginia gentry, and his father was a Scottish immigrant. His education was informal at best. Patrick never went to school. Although, it seems that he received a well-rounded education from his father, who studied at the University of Scotland, and his uncle, who had a master’s degree. He enjoyed taking long walks in the forest by himself. This probably came from a desire to escape religious tension between his mother and father. This stemmed from an enormous religious movement that rocked colonial Virginia, the Great